At Arch to Freedom, we strive to provide the highest tier of support, case management, and mentorship, while providing extraordinary value at each level of our program. We have case managers on staff, trained and experienced staff on 24 hours a day in the Touchstone Program, live-in lead residents in each house in the Core Program, Spirituality 1-on-1 coaching available weekly, Community outings biweekly for Touchstone residents and Community events weekly for everyone at Arch. We have comfortable and luxurious amenities at each home. We strive for excellence in every facet of our program because quality client care has, and always will remain the top priority above the bottom line. Below is a list of our pricing and fees.

Our Core Program:

Deposit: $500


Foundation House:                          $265/week

Triumphant House:                          $275/week

Case management fees: 

+$500/mo for 1.5 hours per week

+$975/mo for 3 hours per week

Additional Case management: $100/hr

Our Touchstone Program:

Deposit: $800


Keystone House:                  $2,650 – $3,100/month

The Lake House:                     $2,750 – $3,200/month

Freedom House:                      $3,250 – $3,700/month

(Price range depends on level of case management services)

*Private rooms are available at all locations

What Our Customers Say

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