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Financial Agreement 

The Security Deposit

The Security Deposit is $800 dollars and is due prior to resident living in the home and receiving services. $400 is a non-refundable administrative fee. Upon receiving this fee, Arch to Freedom will hold a bed for the resident for up to two weeks prior to intake. The other $400 of the deposit is refundable provided the resident stays for 6 months minimal, gives at least 2-weeks’ notice as to when he is discharging, cleans his personal living space prior to discharge, and returns all Arch to Freedom property. If a resident leaves Arch to Freedom before meeting these conditions, then the entire deposit is non-refundable.


Arch to Freedom's Touchstone program includes all services at our CORE Program housing. In addition to the CORE program services, we provide case management, we facilitate a group led by a clinician once a week, we do in house community events twice a month, and do outside community events every 4-6 weeks. Case management is a part of the program for a minimal 90 days, unless otherwise agreed upon prior to intake, and we strongly recommend every resident begins with Tier II of case management services for at least the first month.

Program Fees Paid Online

Program fees are due on the 1st of the month and are considered late after the 5th. It is important for our operations and so that we can provide the best service that possible that all rent payments are paid on time. Arch to Freedom reserves the right to charge a $75 late fee for all payments that come in after the 4th. All payments paid by credit card online or over the phone incur a 2.9% convenience fee. Please note that rent fees are prepaid for the month. If a resident leaves abruptly on or after the first ofthe month, without a two-week written notice to the Program Director, the resident and the payee are still responsible for the current month’s program fees in it's entirety. Note we often will give partial credit or refunds for a portion of the month, but it is at Arch to Freedom’s sole discretion.

Reserving A Spot

Arch to Freedom will reserve a spot for someone prior to initial intake for up to 2 weeks without any additional cost. If we must hold the space for longer than the two-week period before the resident’s initial intake, we reserve the right to charge the base price for that house beyond the 2 week period until the resident has been admitted. When a current resident has to take a leave of absence for any reason for 2 weeks or more, we will reduce our fees to the base price until the resident returns. This is to continue to save the spot for the resident until the resident returns.This leave of absence includes but is not limited to: extended vacations, medical or psychiatric reasons, or for going to a higher level of care like a residential treatment center. We do not give discounts or reduction of fees if a resident takes a leave of absence for any reason for under two weeks. They are still considered to be under our care and our staff and case managers will still be in communication with the resident, the family of the resident, and/or anyone involved in the clinical care of that resident.

Additional Time and Crisis Management

Arch to Freedom reserves the right to charge a reduced case management fee ($75/hr.)for additional time over .5 hours spent with the resident in unscheduled circumstances.This is usually in urgent matters, but the case manager could need extra time in the firstmonth to get the resident fully set up and on the right projection. Other additionalsessions that are scheduled and requested would be at full price ($90/session) andcommunication and scheduling would occur prior to the charge. Any crisis managementdone by Arch to Freedom Operations staff other than the assigned case manager wouldbe at no additional charge. Also, please note, Arch Directors and owners make themselves available to family members most any time, although, sometimes do request that the bulk of the communication be on the email chain, so that the entire team can see the communication. The residents’ case manager is available for an initial call with family members. After the initial call, phone calls with the case manager will count against the residents’ allotted case management time


Arch to Freedom Refund Policy dictates that all fee payments are non-refundable, unless you have prepaid for a month before that month begins. This means that the security deposit once it is paid is nonrefundable, except for the $400 portion, which the resident must meet the above criteria specified in the security deposit clause. Also, monthly program fees are non-refundable if any services are rendered during the month, the fees were paid for or the resident resided at an Arch to Freedom property at any point during the month that the fees were paid for. If the resident has resided in the residence for any portion of the month, then the entire month or prorated month of the program fees are due and owed. Arch to Freedom owners may decide to issue acourtesy partial refund in the event of a mid-month discharge where no notice was given. This is up to the discretion of Arch to Freedom owners. By signing this agreement, the payer understands and agrees to this refund policy.

Arbitration Agreement

I agree to address any grievances I may have directly with Arch to Freedom LLC immediately. If we cannot settle the matter internally, then a jointly agreed-upon outside consultation will be sought. If not, an arbitration process will be initiated, which will be considered as a complete resolution and legally binding decision under state law. NOTICE: BY SUBMITTING PAYMENT THROUGH THIS PORTAL, YOU ARE AGREEING TO HAVE ANY ISSUE OF NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER ISSUES DECIDED BY NEUTRAL ARBITRATION AND YOU ARE GIVING UP YOUR RIGHT TO A JURY OR COURT TRIAL. SEE ARTICLE ONE OF THIS CONTRACT. Arbitration will be done in the state of Florida, either in Palm Beach County or Broward County. Article 1: Through this agreement, you are giving up their constitutional right to have any such dispute decided in a court of law before a jury, and instead are accepting the use of arbitration. Any arbitration process will be considered as a complete resolution and legally binding decision. The client or payee will be responsible for the costs of this process. In agreeing to our programming and services, you are consenting to the above identified grievance procedures.
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