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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with Insurance Providers?

Unfortunately, we can't accept insurance for our Residential or Case Management fees. We encourage Clients who are accessing clinical services in addition to Arch's supports to use their insurance and reduce out of pocket costs.

What is your Success Rate?

We believe collecting outcome research is an ethical necessity for Programs in this field. In our Ten years of service, we are proud to say that 53.0% of Clients polled stayed sober for over a year after discharge. The American Addiction Center puts the national average at between 8-12% for Long Term Recovery Housing.

Is There A Strong Recovery Community In The Area?

Boynton and Delray Beach have one of the largest Recovery communities in South Florida. The majority of our Staff and Case Managers began their recovery journey in the area and are well-connected to resources, employers and organizations.

What Does The Admissions Process Involve?

An admission decision can be made within 48 hours if we are able to speak with the Resident, their family and clinical team. The process begins with an initial phone call to assess appropriate fit, after which we will review any relevant clinical notes, psychological testing or paperwork. We then conduct a brief intake call. A longer intake is done on campus with Case Managers and staff to set goals and problem-solve potential hurdles. We send a Financial Agreement to be digitally signed by the financially responsible parties, as well as a breakdown of policies and procedures. Fees are collected on the day of enrollment.

Can You Work With Co-Occurring Disorders?

Yes. While we are a designated Recovery Residence, we are able to support Clients who sought treatment primarily for their mental health with our in-house Case Management program. While we believe substance use is often a symptom rather than the root problem, we work best with Clients who have a history of substance use and a desire to maintain their sobriety.

What Is The Average Length Of Stay?

On average, Residents stay with us for between 6 and 9 months. We scale support as needed and offer step-down transitional housing for graduates that have been successful in our program but still need support.

What if I or my Client prefers SMART Recovery to Twelve Step Groups?

While our History is rooted in the 12 Steps, we look for commonality between both approaches and base our approach on the effectiveness of each method for a particular individual. We do adhere to certain principles of the 12 Steps, such as abstinence from substances and service to the community.

What Is Your Policy On Return To Use Or Relapse?

Our approach depends on the incident and circumstances. We administer regular Drug and Alcohol UA tests to Residents. If failed, we may require a Client complete a treatment program before being admitted back.

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